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Technology and Discovery – Fungal Antigen Detection 2022-06-02T14:29:32+00:00


Monoclonal antibodies produced to Aspergillus conidia detect small molecular weight galactofuranose-containing Aspergillus antigens in urine (animals, humans)

Detection of antigen is improved by processing urine through a column prior to testing.

Dufresne et al, PLOS One 7(8):e42736, 2012


With our monoclonal antibodies and patent-pending technology, we can detect fungal antigens in high amounts in urine using immobilized devices. Shown is a urine test showing fungal antigens (T = test, C = control) from a patient with confirmed fungal pneumonia.

Pearl Diagnostics is focused on development and commercialization of products to enable early detection and prevention of fungal infections.